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Even before the global pandemic, indications pointed to a steep decline in engagement with Christianity among younger generations. A trend that has unfortunately been accelerated by the pandemic. The NXT Move is a global gathering of leaders and influencers committed to seeing this trend turn around. We trust God to initiate a global awakening to Jesus and make disciples among the next generation. Rather than building another organization or starting an initiative, the NXT Move is a platform to build meaningful relationships, formulate common language, facilitate God encounters, and accelerate existing work towards an organic movement that reaches the next generation with the Gospel.

To this end, we are facilitating
the Not-on-Our-Watch
(NOW) conversations.

We believe the current global condition of Christianity is poised for either the darkest age of the Church in a thousand years or a great revival. Collectively, as a generation of leaders, we have resolved to pray and work together for the latter. Raising the sails and trusting God to blow in it. 


We have identified 10 leaders from 10 global regions to participate in 10 conversations in preparation for a globally representative gathering September 28-30, 2022 in Dallas, Texas.

As a result of the conversations, we hope to achieve the following:


Grow in our passionate pursuit of Jesus as we experience God and His heart for the next generation and are empowered by the Holy Spirit toward this great mission.


Build meaningful relationships between those influencing the trajectory of Christianity in the next generation across the world's major cities.


Agree on how we can collaborate with one another, churches, local city movements, and global organizations to accelerate the Gospel.


Partner to accelerate the impact of the work done by those participating, creating a global delivery system for best practices.


Articulate common language around the issues facing Christianity
in the next generation, becoming a representative body of leaders equipped
to sound the alarm, highlight opportunities, and bring clarity.


The 10 regional teams will meet to discuss what they can bring to the table and also what they would want to learn from the rest of the world. The global teams will then gather for 10 conversations. These conversations will take place during five 90-minute Zoom conversations. During each conversation, two regions will have an opportunity to present. Groups of 10 leaders representing every region of the world will discuss their findings and what it could mean for answering: Why are we losing a generation? And, what will we do about it?

These conversations, and the relationships built in the process, will form the foundation of our 3-day in-person gathering in Dallas. We believe that the lessons learned, the conclusions arrived at, and the commitments made during this time will enable us, along with the millions of people represented by the leaders, to catalyze a turnaround in the trend of young people leaving the faith.

May we recognize how God is moving, move closer together around it, and see Him move in the next generation.

We are collaborating with organizations like the Lausanne Network, Movement Day, East West Ministries, Movement DFW & others to ensure clear next steps, an impact in the host city, and activation of the global Church.