Our Story

Where Did it All Start?

Through Movement.org and global Movement Day events, we have seen cities show positive measurable change since 2010, with thousands of church, marketplace and other gospel agency leaders impacted from hundreds of key global cities. Now is the time to ensure the longevity of this organic transformative movement by going younger and empowering a next generation of leaders.

City skyline
Group holding hands in prayer

The Strategy

The NxtMove exists to accelerate younger leaders to move and work together to see cities impacted with the gospel over generations. A small group of leaders representing 5 continents gathered to begin. That group asked another 50 representative leaders to join them in Dubai (March 12, 2019) to formulate, strategize and catalyze the NxtMove. These 50 have taken up the challenge & will invite 500 leaders to participate as part of a younger leaders track in Movement Day Global Cities in New York in 2020. The process of catalyzing a next move will culminate in a gathering of more than 5,000 next generation leaders in 2022 in Dallas, Texas. This will be a launchpad for city transformation around the world.

Next Steps

Currently, five hundred bright & influential leaders are being nominated to participate in formulating and catalyzing this movement in New York in 2020. These individuals have a good reputation and hold a high degree of potential that will add momentum to this movement.

Hands joined in prayer