Turning around the trajectory
of Christianity for the next generation

WHAT IS The Nxt Move ?

The Nxt Move gather, connect, and mobilize the next generation of
Gospel Movement leaders from different cities to catalyze a global turnaround that reaches the next generation and utilizes
urbanization as an opportunity for the Gospel.


Our mission



Human connections that are worth my time and propels me forward in what God has called me for.



Creating awareness and common language as we bring global thought leaders into the conversation. Sharing best practices & innovation toward tangible change.



Every move of God is initiated and sustained by a deeper connection with Him. Greater love for His Word, prayer, and His work in power.



Accelerating existing
works through synergy, amplification, and global collaborative efforts.

Where we came from

The Catalysts represent 5 continents and gathered in New York in 2018 to share vision and heart for the NXT Move. Each Catalyst identified leaders under the age of 40 who then formed the Dubai 2019 Delegates. The Catalysts met for the second time in London in July 2019. 

The Delegates are 70 leaders around or under the age of 40 who have been identified as the brightest leaders of their generation. These leaders are from a diverse background and came together in Dubai 2019 to ideate, share a vision, and plan for the future.

The situation


Major cities around the world are experiencing exponential growth


80% of all Christians made the decision to follow Jesus before the age of 18.


38% of Millenials are leaving Church and they’re not going back.

The Solution

After a successful gathering of 89 Leaders in Dubai, we are now expanding the network of leaders under 40 years old to 500 delegates. We are at a historical moment in time, with
COVID-19 halting travel and large scale gatherings and we are looking forward to a new shared vision. A vision that shares the stories and the outcomes of what God is doing in cities around the world. In 2021, 10 leaders, from 10 regions will host 10 conversations that will culminate in 1 gathering that will answer the question: how do we turn around the trajectory of Christianity for the next generation? Between now and 2021 there will be gatherings that relationally connect the best and brightest Christian leaders in different regions and countries throughout the world.


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